Doodle Obsession Turns 9-Year-Old Into A Local Celebrity

Joe Whale is no ordinary 9-year-old. Unlike the kids in Joe’s class, this young boy is now a commissioned artist. Greg and his wife first noticed that their son was different when he began doodling at a young age. Since then Joe’s dad Greg has made sure to let his son express himself and today Joe gets paid for his art.

A Budding Artist

It all started when Greg noticed that his son was a compulsive doodler. At first, Joe would doodle in crayon on bits of scrap paper. As time went on his drawing got better and more focused and eventually, his dad was letting him draw in permanent marker.

Then when Joe was 8 he was sent home with a troubling note that would have put an end to Joe’s artistic ambitions. Because of his compulsive doodling, Joe’s teachers had complained and had barred him from drawing at school.