These witty people got even with these amusing divorce cakes

These Funny Divorce Cakes Really Get the Point Across

While you might think that divorce is a hard thing to go through, for some people it is incredibly liberating. After many years of marriage, they are now free to live their lives however they want to. For people who view divorce as a form of newly found freedom, some like to celebrate it. A good party always calls for cake, and a divorce-themed party means that a specialty cake is a must-have. You may not want the world to know why you got divorced, but you can let your friends enjoy the moment with you, by letting your cake do the talking. Keep scrolling to see some of the best ‘divorce’ cakes ever baked.

Throwing Away Your Spouse

Some marriages end on bad terms. For this couple, the now ex-wife decided to liken her husband to garbage. As we all know, garbage needs to be thrown out, which this cake has her doing to her ex-husband.

We’re sure the friends and family who had to go through the ups and downs of this marriage, though this one was pretty funny. We hope her ex had a good sense of humor about it as well.