Kris Jenner Has A Blast On Daughter Kendall’s Birthday

You are never too old to be embarrassed by your parents and if you don’t believe us simply ask Kim Kardashian! The reality star was recently embarrassed beyond belief when ‘Momager’ Kris Jenner decided to put on a public display by singing a popular rap song while doing high leg kicks and dancing provocatively.
The family festivities got a little wild when reality royalty the Kardashian/Jenners and their friends traveled by private jet to attend daughter Kendalls 24th birthday party. While no one other than the family and their entourage was on the plane, the affair was caught on camera as the family was shooting for their show. While Kim avoided posting the incident online, daughter Kloe made sure to share pictures with fans.
Kim felt her mother’s behavior was cringe-worthy as she looked on in horror as her mom partied the night away. While Khloe and kylie sang along with their mom and laughed at the dancing Kim felt that perhaps it wasn’t something the family should be sharing with the public at large.

The family had been out celebrating throughout the night and it appeared that 64-year-old Kris may have had a little more than a tipple before her big performance.
Looking a little worse for wear, Kris was having a blast and the mother of 6 made sure to make the most of the celebrations. While Kim was embarrassed by her mom’s behavior, fans felt that the hardworking mom deserved to let loose and enjoy herself on Kendalls birthday.
Kris later shared a very moving tribute to her daughter Kendal in honor of the supermodel’s birthday and the online posts featured a collection of images of the model over the years.

It seems that Kendall and her family really had fun at this birthday bash. Despite the family’s squabbles and busy schedules, they still continue to make sure to set aside special family time like this. We are sure Kris’s antics will be remembered by her girls for a long time, and while Kim may remember it as a more embarrassing moment it seems Khloe and the younger girls had a blast!