Most Lavish Presents Ever Gifted By Celebrities

Most Lavish Gifts Ever Gifted By Celebrities

When it comes to gift-giving in Hollywood, it’s not the thought that counts. Gift-giving in Hollywood is more complicated and the perfect gift has to be a symbol of status and decadence. For some Hollywood celebrities the more outrageously extravagant a gift, the better. Here are just some of the most extravagant gifts given by celebrities.
Angelina Jolie Bought Brad A Helicopter
Back when the pair were still engaged and lived in France, Angelina thought it would be a great idea to buy Brad his very own helicopter and flying lessons. To make life easier the pair also installed a helicopter pad on their estate in France. It was believed that Angie bought the gift so the pair could travel to and from Cannes more easily and wasn’t a birthday or wedding present. The random gift reportedly set Jolie back $ 1.6 million and a year later she also gave Brad his own heart-shaped island.
David Beckham Once Gave His Wife A Vineyard
So what do you get for the woman who has everything? Well in Posh’s case the answer was a vineyard. In 2008 Becks spent over 7 figures when he bought his wife an entire vineyard in the Napa Valley Region.
Most Lavish Gifts Ever Gifted By Celebrities

Sources say that Posh Spice was happy with the gift and she enjoys showing the property off to her celebrity friends. While it is a fully operating vineyard, the Beckhams are yet to commercialize and sell their own wine.
Beyonce Bought Jay Z His Own Plane
Taking a commercial flight is so last season, so when Jay Z and Beyonce celebrated their first father’s day as parents, the pop star bought her husband a $40 million jet! The jet can seat up to 15 passengers and includes a bedroom, kitchen, living room and two bathrooms. Queen B must not have been familiar with the term ‘carbon footprint’ when she bought this gift.
Adam Sandler Bought The Cast Cars
Following the success of the Grown Ups movies, Adam Sandler decided to give something to each of his castmates to say thank you.

In true Hollywood style, the comedian gifted them each a brand new $250 K Maserati sports car. It seems very similar to the plot ending of ‘Mr. Deeds’, but this really did happen and David Spade later admitted that he felt slightly awkward about accepting such an extravagant gift.