Meghan Confirms Prince Archie Takes After His Dad

As soon as the Duke and Duchess shared pictures of their son Prince Archie, everyone was interested to see who the baby would take after. Prince Harry is well known for his red locks and he isn’t the only royal to be known for their red hair. Both King Henry VIII and his daughter, the first Queen Elizabeth, were known for their red hair. When the most recent images of Prince Archie were made available to the public, it was clear that he has red hair like his dad.
Looking at the pictures, it was clear that this darling tot had his father’s locks and his mother’s eyes. We must say we couldn’t have imagined a better combination as both the young prince’s parents have stunning features. According to the Duchess, it was first evident that Archie took after his dad when red tint appeared in the baby’s eyebrows. It seems Prince Harry could also recognize the signs and according to him, little Archie will definitely have red hair when his hair grows out. In fact, sources have stated that the young prince looks just like his father when he was a baby.

With his older cousins Louis, Charlotte, and George to compete with, it seems little baby Archie may be just as cute as the rest of the royal brood. With all the new photos of the tot being taken during Harry and Meghan’s tour of Southern Africa, it seems fans of the couple have been enjoying all the great family pictures. Sources close to the royal family on their recent tour to South Africa described the baby Prince as one of the happiest babies.
The recent tour of South Africa was baby Archie’s first formal appearance and mom Meghan’s first trip to South Africa and while Harry was absent for part of the trip, the trio made sure to spend plenty of quality time together.

Both Harry and Megan have visited Africa before, and it holds a special place in both of their hearts. The tour was a huge success for the royal family and we cannot wait to see more pics of this adorable family!