Charlie's Angels Movie Offers Something New

The new Charlie’s Angels reboot is set to explode in theatres this November and this action-packed thriller has an all-star cast that includes Kristen Stewart, Elizabeth Banks, Naomi Scott, and Ella Balinska. If the all-star cast wasn’t enough to attract moviegoers the film also has a great soundtrack featuring songs by some of the biggest artists, including Miley Cyrus and Lena del Ray.
This is Kristen Stewart’s first return to blockbuster movies since ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ and fans are excited to see her in a role that isn’t an Indie flick. Since her time away from these kinds of films, the actress has truly developed some amazing acting chops that make this movie a must-see. The film is expertly guided by Elizabeth Banks who not only starred in the film as a new female Bosley, she also wrote and directed the film. Despite never having directed an action film before, Banks has a gift for the genre.
Unlike the cheeky, girly-girl characters played by Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Lui in the early 2000s films; this new reboot features more action and intrigue. The biggest change is that while the original girls from the TV show and the first two films were pretty much cute girls playing dress-up, these new Angels take the roles as renegade action heroes more seriously. The film is more like the “Mission Impossible’ movie series than it is the original Charlie’s Angels films and it is in no way derivative.

Banks really did an amazing job writing this film because it offers a completely new look at the storyline instead of just showing the same story with different famous faces. This isn’t a feel-good chick flick inspired to make you scream ‘girl power’, it’s a real action movie that just happens to star warrior women.
The film follows Angels Sabina (played by Kristen) and Jane( played by Ella) as they struggle to protect Elena(played by Naomi Scott) as she uncovers a plot to steal a revolutionary power source that can be weaponized. While this plot summary may sound run of the mill, the film is really enhanced by brilliant stunts, fight scenes, car chases, and brilliantly developed characters. There is also one or two laughs thrown in to make the film more rounded.

This is a great movie to see for yourself and it appeals to many different types of viewers. The cast gives amazing performances and the storyline is fresh and the style updated. So, make sure to check out this film when it hits theatres near you.