This woman fell for a catfish and then he led her to a movie-like romance

This woman fell for a catfish and then he led her to find a movie-like romance

This surge in internet romances has been met with waves of support and controversy, depending on what people’s views are. Those in favor of these relationships praise how easy it is to find love online, especially if you’re someone who doesn’t have much free time. However, there’s no denying that there are risks involved when it comes to meeting people on the internet. You can never be sure of who you’re talking to online unless you’re in a video chat. Many people use this anonymity to catfish strangers, just like someone did to 35-year-old Emma Perrier. Luckily, while this person might have put her through the wringer, they ended up leading Emma to the love of her life.

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Looking for love

Like many people in the world, Emma Perrier was a woman looking for love. The restaurant manager from London desperately wanted a man to call her own, especially after the heartache her ex had put her through. She’d come to learn that meeting people in real life was incredibly difficult, and that realization pushed her towards online dating.

Although internet romances weren’t a foolproof solution, there was every chance she’d find her prince charming on an app.