These Annoying Things Are Hard to Ignore and Irritate Everyone

There are numerous everyday things that can easily ruin someone’s day. These are usually ordinary and include silly things like a cookie not fitting all the way in a glass, therefore preventing one from dipping it in the milk and also that moment we’re tucked in bed warm and comfortable and the urge to pee takes over. While these might seem minor at first glance, they’ve made it to our list of the absolute worst things ever.

Stuck in the Middle

There is nothing worse than being caught in the middle seat on a commercial flight. No matter who you sit next to, you always end up being squished between people.

On longer flights, someone will always invariably fall asleep on you and getting up to use the toilet can be quite impossible. If this isn’t bad enough, oftentimes you might get seated next to a snorer who will keep you up the entire flight.