Chrissy Teigen Scares John Legend When He Hosts The Ellen Show

Chrissy Teigen and her husband John Legend have an amazing relationship and the often joke and prank one another. Audiences love to see those private moments when the two have fun and hilariously prank one another. Well, fans of the Ellen show got to see one of these loving pranks first hand when John guest-hosted the Ellen show recently.
Not too long ago People Magazine announced that John Legend had been voted sexiest man alive. For many male actors, this is a prestigious honor and like most good wives Chrissy didn’t want to let it go to her husband’s head. Well, it may have been too late for that because quickly John’s new title was getting him guest spots and interviews all over Hollywood. When the Ellen show reached out and asked John to guest host while Ellen was away, John jumped at the chance and Chrissy decided it would be the perfect time to take her husband down a notch.

As her husband put his best foot forward and hosted the popular daytime show things were going great at first. Then jokingly John decided to play a clip of his famous video ‘All of Me’ for the audience. In the clip, instead of his lovely wife Chrissy playing the love interest, the love interest was played by Ellen. In Classic Ellen Fashion the talk show host strapped on a costume and did her best impersonation of Chrissy. As the clip played we got to see Ellen dance on the piano as John sang and the crowd roared with laughter.
When the clip was over John told the audience not to tell his wife Chrissy about the clip because she would be very jealous of Ellen. It was at this moment that a scary Chrissy burst out of the side table next to John, giving the grammy winner quite a scare.

It was hilarious to watch as Chrissy scared her husband before sitting down on the couch next to him and laughing. It’s moments like this that remind us how very much in love Chrissy and John are.