Dax Shepard And Kristen Bell Prove They Are The World’s Most Relatable Couple

When Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell met there weren’t exactly sparks flying. It wasn’t until their second meeting that things finally kicked off and since then the two have proved to be one of the most relatable couples in all of Hollywood. Recently they were extra adorable when Kristen shared a cute video online.
You see Kristen was responding to a fan on a popular video chat app. The fan had reached out to Kristen about the new @hellobello photo shoot and the two got talking. As they chatted away Kristen calmly brushed her teeth and carried on with her normal nightly routine. This in itself is something super laid back and not something you expect a king or queen of Hollywood to do. Immediately fans of the actress were in awe of how normal and relatable she is. It really is amazing to see a famous actress feel this comfortable with her fans that she can just drop all facades. Well, what happened next was even more revealing.

As the pair chatted on about Kristen’s new company and their photoshoot, the actress realized that she has toothpaste dripping off her lip. She quickly wiped it away and apologized saying ‘oh my god, so sorry, so gross’ before casually continuing with the conversation. This just goes to show that the actress is not only comfortable with her fans but she makes sure to find time for them to reach them on a human level. This is all the more refreshing in Hollywood today.

It was then however that thing got hilarious and fans were reminded how adorable Kristen and her husband are. As Kristen continued her video chat her husband Dax entered the room and as soon as he realized he was in the frame instead of stepping out of the frame he started flexing his muscles. Dax continued with this even until his wife noticed. This real-life human moment was beautiful to see. When the actress shared the video she explained that Dax’s acting training had kicked in and he ‘found the lens’.

It’s adorable to see how down to earth the pair are and how lovingly they interact with each other and their fans!