Taylor Swift Breaks Awards Record

Taylor Swift Breaks Michael Jackson’s Awards Record

This year’s American music awards marked the year Taylor Swift made music history. This year the singer walked away with a total of 6 awards, including artist of the year, artist of the decade and video of the year to name but a few. This 6 award win put the singer’s award total at a whopping 29 AMA’s, this was 5 more wins that Michael Jackson scooped up during his entire career. The king of pop previously held the record for the most AMAs and amassed a collection of 24 AMAs. With Taylor’s most recent wins the singer has beaten Michaels’s record in just over a decade.
The 29-year-old singer hasn’t always been so lucky at award shows. In 2009 she was embarrassed when she got on stage to accept the award for best video. TSwifts thank you speech was interrupted by Kanye West who proceeded to explain how Swift shouldn’t have won the award and how it should have gone to Beyonce. This moment was embarrassing for everyone involved and it quickly went viral.

It seems Taylor has finally gotten over that embarrassment but just in case she had some extra security on stage with her this year when she appeared with other singers.
Swift was awarded the prestigious artist of the decade award and during her performance, she wore a white button-up shirt with the names of all her albums emblazoned on it. The artist was very moved when she accepted her award and its amazing to see the award go to such a young performer. Her award wins come at a difficult time for Swift who is presently embroiled in legal battles with her former manager and record label.
Luckily her recent troubles didn’t overshadow her amazing wins and her record-breaking. The star made sure to make the most of her night and took time to thank her many fans.

Swift explained that the awards came at a good time for her as her recent troubles had contributed to an already difficult year. Well, it seems things are really looking up for the pop princess and perhaps this is just the start of a great time for the singer.