Times Keanu Reeves Was Totally Awesome

Times Keanu Reeves Was Pure Awesomeness

He played street hockey with guys he met a gas station
One day when Reeves stopped at a gas station he noticed a group of guys in a car that had hockey equipment in the back. Reeves asked them what the equipment was for and when they explained that I was for street hockey they played once a week he asked if he could join them. Shocked that Keanu wanted in on a simple street hockey game they happily agreed. for the next 10 years, Keanu played street hockey with the guys every week, only missing games for holidays
He manned the phones at the ‘Stand Up To Cancer Telethon’ in 2008
When the ‘Stand Up To Cancer Telethon’ was aired on TV, viewers were shocked to see Keanu Reeves sitting in the back manning the phones. The Hollywood star had all the while been financing cancer research foundations and children’s hospitals all over the country when that wasn’t enough Keanu got more involved, showing up to do charitable service whenever he could.
He made sure passengers got home when their flight was diverted
As shocking as it may sound, Keanu often flies commercial.

On a flight from San Francisco to LA, Keanu’s plane was diverted to Riverside due to mechanical failure. When the flight landed and Keanu and the other passengers were left stranded 2 hours from Burbank, instead of going off and finding his own way home Keanu helped passengers get a van that would take them the rest of the way.While in the van Keanu entertained the other passengers with fun facts about Burbank and played country songs on his phone. Keanu made sure each passenger was dropped off safely before heading home himself.
Shared a drink with a homeless guy
While most celebrities wouldn’t pay much attention to a homeless man sitting on the sidewalk, Keanu once sat down next to a homeless man he saw sitting under a bridge. Sitting in the sand beside the road Keanu shared a meal and a drink with the man and sat with him for over an hour as the man shared stories from his life.
Times Keanu Reeves Was Pure Awesomeness

Eventually, Keanu said goodbye to the man and gave him all the money he had on him before leaving.