The 2020 Golden Globe Fashion Highlights

Well, its that time of year where all anyone is talking about is the most recent fashion faux pas at the Golden Globes and this year offered a little something extra to dish about. While some of our favorite stars didn’t even make it onto the red carpet, their outfits were still very much noticed at this year’s award ceremony. Here are some of the best and worst fashion highlights of the evening.
Cate Blanchet
The Australian actress usually plays it safe on the red carpet but sadly this year her yellow pleated frock with shell sleeves was a bit too much to take in. It seems the combination of the confusing bodice and the uneven hem it was a complete fashion miss. Many of the actresses fans took to the internet to comment on the stars look with some even comparing her dress to a yellow lampshade. Oh, the shade is real people!
Scarlett Johansson
Scarlett really knows how to turn a look and boy did she pull an ace out of her sleeve this year.

Wearing a breathtakingly gorgeous red Vera Wang dress with a plunging neckline the ‘Marriage Story’ star practically stole the red carpet with this winning look.
Jennifer Lopez
While previously her dresses have been incredibly memorable for all the right reasons, this year J-Lo may be remembered for all the wrong reasons. Looking like a forgotten Christmas gift left unwrapped, Jennifer wore a voluminous gold, green and white Valentino gown with massive bows that practically swallowed the star up. Hopefully next year Jenny can redeem herself with something more form-fitting.
Priyanka Chopra
This year everyone’s new favorite married couple graced the red carpet with a coordinated look that left us gagging for more.

Priyanka wore a spectacular pink Prada gown that was old-school-Hollywood eleganza while hubby Nick matched her in a black Prada suit. The pair made a very impressive red-carpet couple and they both looked gorgeous.