The Things You Don't Expect to See at Disneyland

The Things You Don’t Expect to See at Disneyland

Disneyland is supposed to be the place where dreams come true, however, sometimes things in the park aren’t quite as you would have expected. On top of that, every now and then visitors discover one of the parks many hidden secrets that surprise us all. While the first park was open in 1955 in Anaheim California, today there are 6 Disneyland Park and Resorts located all over the world. Keep scrolling to see some of the weird and wonderful things not everyone expects from this beloved theme park.

Bath Time

Everyone knows that when you take a seat on the Splash Mountain ride, that you’re going to get wet, after all, that is what log flumes are all about. People still, however, don’t like to get too wet and some even wear a shower cap. These visitors made a joke out of it and played up to the cameras.
Bath Time

We’re not sure if they are professionals at this, but that seems like some serious dedication to think of all of that.