Amusing Pictures of People Caught Being Jealous

These Funny Pics Perfectly Sum Up Jealousy

Jealousy and envy are two emotions that most of us have felt at some point. They’re not positive emotions, and sometimes we let them get the better of us. When you are in the grips of jealousy, you may find yourself acting somewhat irrationally. However, jealousy can also happen over little things, like when a friend catches a bigger fish than you. After that initial wave of jealousy has passed, most of us find ourselves proud of whoever is succeeding or getting the attention we felt that we wanted. Keep scrolling to see some of the funniest examples of jealousy caught on camera.

Please Love Me

If there is one thing that dogs love, it is a nice cuddle and a few well-placed pats on the head. This good boy thought he was going to get some attention from his owner, only for a stuffed animal to receive the pats he so desperately wanted.

Those big puppy dog eyes sum up how jealous he is, and how he wants those pats for himself. We hope the owner finally gave him some attention; otherwise, he is going to have one sad dog.