Introducing Kirby Jenner

If you have been following the news on the Kardashian/ Jenners lately you will know all about Kendall Jenners ‘fraternal twin’ Kirby Jenner. If not we have the whole story just for you because it seems we all may be seeing much more of Kirby in the near future.
Meet Kirby
Kirby Jenner first started appearing on social media, and the pictures he shared confused a lot of people. Quickly more an more people began following Kirby online and his story piqued the interest of millions. In the pictures he posted, he appeared alongside Kendal Jenner and later alongside the members of the Kardashian/Jenner clan.
When followers checked his accounts they discovered that Kirby Jenner appeared to be the fraternal twin of Kendal Jenner. Immediately fans of the family were in an uproar about the possibility of a secret family member that the famous clan had managed to hide from over 17 seasons of their show and its many spin-offs. However, when fans looked closely, they discovered it was all an elaborate ruse.

The Prank Exposed
You see, while Kirby had been posting images of himself and the Kar/Jenner clan, the images, and videos had been elaborately and professionally photoshopped. It had all been a lie and for months fans had believed he was the missing Jenner. While photoshopping yourself into other people’s Instagram pics seems like a cardinal sin, it all seems to have worked ut for Kirby. Even Kendal and Momager Kris enjoyed this elaborate prank and they thought it was hilarious.
The prank leads to fortune
After months of confusion and wonder about who he is, it seems the cat is finally out of the bag and it seems that the ‘missing Jenner’ has a bright future ahead of him. Momager Kris and Kendal were so impressed with Kirby’s comedic social media presence that they have agreed to produce a reality show staring Kirby himself.

Now, Kirby has not only made a name for himself on social media, but it also seems his elaborate story has lead to a very real show. In fact, according to the latest press release, all the Kardashian/Jenner sisters will be making an appearance on the new show. We cant wait to see how this turns out.