How To Pamper Your Hands And Keep Them Looking Younger

The skin of our hands is very delicate and thin and while we often put a lot of effort into making our faces look younger, we often forget that our hands need some pampering too. While adopting simple habits like keeping your hands and nails clean and drinking plenty of water is helpful, as we get older it seems we need to start doing a little more to keep our hands gorgeous and soft. If you need a helping hand, so to speak, then here are some of the things you can do to help keep your hands looking young.
Add an SPF
Even though it is the last thing we think about, the sun can really cause damage to the skin of our hands and often it can happen when we least expect it. Our hands are exposed to the sunlight a lot and while we know to cover up or faces, backs, and shoulders with SPF, our hands never get any protection. Sadly any sun damage to our hands can be very visible over time and to avoid this simply add a little sunscreen to your regular hand cream.
Try a Bedtime Night mask
This trick is great to give your hands an extra moisture boost in the winter and its also super easy to whip up.

Simply combine a tablespoon of almond oil with a tablespoon of coconut oil and rub this into your hands and cuticles before bed. If you have a pair of cotton gloves handy then pop them on and lt your hands absorb these moisturizing oils throughout the night. In the morning your hands should be soft, moist and revitalized.
Use a gentle hand soap
Using antibacterial soap on our hands can be beneficial, but if you find you wash your hands more often than most then consider using a soap that is less harsh on your skin.

Instead, try a lipid-based soap that won’t strip your skin of its moisture and good bacterias and remember to moisturize after each wash to keep your skin supple.