The Real Reason Cameron Diaz Said Goodbye To The Hollywood Spotlight

With her comedic timing, stunning looks and love for any role, Cameron diazo was one of Hollywood’s hottest actresses. For a while it seemed like that would never change and Cameron’s star would continue to rise. Sadly, for her fans, it seemed we all started to see less and less of Cameron until finally, she had stepped completely out of the spotlight.
The rumors of her disappearance
In 2014 Cameron appeared in her final film, but it wasn’t until the 2018 Oscar’s Vanity Fair Party red carpet that fellow actress and friends of Selma Blair confirmed that Cameron had officially retired for good. This was confirmed weeks later by Cameron herself who said when asked about her future plans “I am actually retired”.

Naturally, fans were in a tailspin at this news, although her absence in recent years had been noticed, everyone thought it was a temporary break. At such a young age and at the peak of her career, many were left wondering what had led to the actresses’ choice to retire.
She’s been working since she was a teenager
Since the young age of 16 Cameron has been working, starting her career as a model before moving on to the silver screen. For someone who had to lead a fast-passed life from such a young age no wonder, Cameron needs the break.

It seems from the age of 16 to her early 40’s Cameron has done nothing but to dedicate her life to her work.
She is focused on her marriage
Cameron has explained that her acting career has involved a great commitment and sacrifice that Cameron is no longer willing to make. Now in her 40s Cameron, she is no longer willing to put her career before her personal life and relationships.

Since 2015 she has been happily married to rocker Benji Madden and the two recently welcomed a baby girl named Raddix Madden. It seems Cameron has finally found her best role, that of mother and loving wife.