What's the Tea on RuPaul

What’s the Tea on RuPaul

Whether it is from his many cameos on TV, his music extravaganza or his groundbreaking show RuPaul’s Drag Race, many of us are familiar with and adore the work of RuPaul. Today Mama Ru has a place in everyone’s minds, as her sassy persona has burst into our consciousness and paved the way for future drag queens. Starting in the New York club scenes Ru has come a long way to make his dreams come true. If you are a fan of RuPaul here are some facts about the star that will surprise you.
RuPaul is a huge fan of Judge Judy
Unless you watched the episode of snatch game were Bianca blew us away with her impersonation of TVs favorite judge, you may not know that RuPaul LOVES his Judge Judy. Much like his love for Murder she wrote, Ru can tell you everything you need to know about each episode. At least now we know where Ru gets his sassy nature from.
RuPaul is the first drag queen to have a star on the walk of fame.
What’s the Tea on RuPaul

As shocking as this may be in this day and age, RuPaul is the only queen with her very own star. Given that Mama Ru is the one making it possible for drag queens to get exposure in mainstream society, it is not surprising that she was the first, but we think it might be time for another queen to get a star to.
Ru is married to an Australian painter and lives on a ranch in Wyoming
I know deep down some of you imagined that Ru went home to a cat and sat down in a chair by the fire where she spent her evenings plotting to take over the world while Michele served her cocktails, Ok so maybe that is just us. But in real life, Mama Ru is actually married to an Australian painter! The two have been together for 23 years and live on a ranch in rural Wyoming. Let’s be honest here, Wyoming is the last place we imagined Mama Ru to live, but it is such a romantic story and in between filming for drag race RuPaul is able to relax at home with his hubby.
Ru Sleeps with a stuffed donkey name Jimmy.
Well, if discovering that Ru was married wasn’t enough to blow your mind then finding out he has a favorite stuffed toy that he sleeps with will. According to RuPaul, he sleeps with a brown stuffed donkey who he calls Jimmy and Ru takes it all over the world with him. Ru has never confirmed this, but many believe that the donkey was a gift from RuPaul’s hubby, and the superstar just cannot sleep without it. That is so sweet we can’t even!
Ru Loves cars
What’s the Tea on RuPaul

I supposed we should have known this given that his hit show is called Drag Race! Growing up, little Ru used to spend hours admiring cars and now that he is rich and fabulous, he owns many unique vehicles and even once followed someone driving a Cadillac to their home, just so that he could ask if they would sell it. Like his wigs, RuPaul has expensive taste when it comes to cars, but one of his favorite vehicles isn’t a luxury sports car. Ru just loves his old Volvo 240, and while it doesn’t have AC or any of the bells and whistles, he inherited the car from his mother.