Blundering Engagement Pictures That Are So Bad They're Funny


Blundering Engagement Pictures That Will Make You Laugh

For many couples, getting engaged is a time filled with hope and happiness. Before the wedding takes place, it is tradition to have an engagement photo’s taken that can be sent out with your engagement announcement, save the date cards, and even be used at the reception. These pictures immortalize the moment, and because of this, it is essential to capture the perfect shots of the happy couple. Unfortunately for some couples, the engagement photos they take are not as romantic as they imagined. Keep scrolling to see some of the most hilarious and cringeworthy engagement photos ever taken.

Partner Yoga

Exercise is one of the keys to staying healthy and living a long life. Yoga has long been a practice that many people around the world have adopted. It centers the mind and the body.

This couple seems to have bonded through partner yoga, and to show off how they met each other, they decided to have a yoga-themed engagement shoot. You would have to be pretty flexible to manage to kiss your partner in that position.