Harry And Meghan Still Adjusting To Life After The Royal Family

While the dust is still settling after the infamous Megxit, where Prince Harry and his lovely wife decided to step back from their roles as senior members of the royal family, it seems Harry is still experiencing some growing pains. While their move to become more independent was supposed to take the couple out of the public eye, their decision has had the opposite effect. While we may not know what to expect from the pair in the future, it is quite obvious that the decision has been very tough on the Sussexes
A Royal Divide
It all began in early 2020 when Harry and Meghan released a statement declaring their intention to step back as senior members of the royal family. The pair hoped that they could continue with some of their royal duties in their service to the queen while also being able to be financially independent.
An Unknown Future
After the shock of the announcement wore off, it seems that Harry and Meghan didn’t quite get what they wanted and instead they lost their titles and had to face an unknown future. Most hurtful for harry was that he could no longer serve as a member of the military which was something that was incredibly important to the royal.

Being a good father
While some have understood the couple’s request others have interpreted the move as a royal betrayal. You may be wondering why Harry and Meghan would make such a drastic move. Well, it seems it all stems from Harry’s desire to keep his family safe.
Calm after the storm
In addition to the lack of privacy, Meghan had to face racism and intense criticism.

Obviously this was very difficult for the new family to bare. So in an effort to protect his wife and son, Harry felt he had no choice but to distance himself from the public eye. Sadly now it seems this was all in vain, and the couple is now the focus of increased attention