Jennifer Lopez’s Daughter Steals The Show At The Super Bowl Halftime Show

Jennifer Lopez and her ex may have shielded their kids from the limelight while they grew up, but it seems J.Lo’s daughter Emme Muñiz was born to shine. When her mom and Shakira recently performed at the Super Bowl Halftime Show and it seems Emme joined them on stage and blew fans away with her amazing talent.
Appearing at the Super Bowl Halftime Show
When Jennifer and Shakira announced that they would be performing together at the half time show it was an important moment for Latina performers. It was made even more important when Jennifers 11-year-old daughter joined the ladies on stage and amazed everyone with her powerful message and amazing vocal talents. It is evident that Emme has an amazing singing voice, but by performing alongside backup dancers in cages she was making a poignant political statement for an 11-year-old.
Born to Sing
After the amazing performance journalists caught up with J.Lo who went on to explain that Emme has been singing since she was a small child. In fact, this rising star used to hum to her parents when she was a toddler. At the time Emme’s father Marc Antony said that it was obvious that Emme was born to sing.

Rising Star
Emme may be young but she has been performing with her mom for some time already. According to Jennifer, Emme has performed alongside the proud Momma in front of thousands of fans at many of J.Lo’s concerts and it seems J.lo loves showing off her daughter’s talents. That’s not all Emme has been known for. When she was only 8 she authored a children’s book in both English and Spanish and this rising star is also fascinated by performance pieces and dance.
Performed like a star
While it must be daunting for a grown-up performer to stand in front of millions and sing, it seems Emme was a real star. She wasn’t nervous or frightened before the performance and its obvious to everyone that she was extremely comfortable on stage. We don’t know about you but it seems we haven’t yet seen the last of Emme Muñiz.