Parents annoyed when Mom charges kids $85 for son's birthday party

Mom’s who charge guests at birthday parties

If you have children, there’s a high chance that you have sent your kids to various children’s parties over the years. After all, there’s nothing more exciting for them than running around with their friends, eating cake, drinking pop, and celebrating another birthday. These parties are always fun, but have you ever been asked to contribute to them? One mom recently faced backlash after she insisted that each of the guests at her son’s party owed her $85 for tagging along. Imagine taking your child to a birthday party and receiving a bill at the end!

Celebrating in style

As a kid, some of your fondest memories are made at kid’s birthday parties and that’s why parents try their best to let their kids have fun. Parents put in a lot of planning to make sure their kids have the perfect day and often this can be pretty expensive.
Celebrating in style

While most parents accept that they should pay for their kid’s parties, one mom decided that she wasn’t going to pay for her son’s birthday bash. Instead, she planned to pass the cost on to the other parents. Naturally, this didnt go down well with many of the parents and most of the internet complaining.