People Reveal The Most Embarrassing Things They Have Been Doing Wrong This Whole Time

Sometimes even the best of us can do some of the most basic things embarrassingly wrong. Whether its because we never learned how to do them or because we just never paid attention, we may do normal everyday things in a way that makes others laugh. Keep scrolling to see some of the most hilarious things that people just did not understand. You may just end up learning one or two new pieces of information yourself.


Several is one of those words that are pretty ambiguous. The first part of the word ‘sev-‘ is very similar to the word seven, which is why this person thought that several and seven are actually precisely the same.

It wasn’t until someone corrected them when they said they had several of a certain item that they realized their error. Several can actually mean many, and does not specify a number. We can see why they would think this, though.