People share the harshest insults they have ever given or received

Jimmy Fallon is definitely one of the funniest comedians out there. Five days a week, he makes his audiences laugh by performing all sorts of funny skits on his late-night show. Jimmy is always on-trend and even likes to create some of these trends himself. One of these is the #ThatWasCold tweet movement, in which he reached out to his viewers to tweet some of the harshest things that have ever happened or been said to them. Keep scrolling to see a round-up of some of the best tweets, and be prepared to cringe while you read these. It would appear that some people genuinely seem to lack a filter when it comes to sharing their thoughts. As our moms and dads tried to teach most of us, you should always think before you speak!

Enjoying The Hair

A lot of children have not learned what exactly is okay to say, and what might be incredibly offensive. Travis Deur’s son hadn’t figured out that his father’s receding hairline might be a bit of a sore point for him.

It was a rather blustery day, and Travis tried to put a hat on his son who resolutely refused to wear one. At a young age, he already appreciated his full head of hair, and he was going to enjoy it every year of it.