What We've Learned From Queer Eye

Arriving on our screens back in 2003, Queer Eye looked a little bit different back then. The reality show saw five gay men head out to meet straight guys who were looking for a little TLC. By the end of the reality show, the person would be ready to go and tackle the world as a whole new him. With the show lasting until October 2007, it has recently had a total revamp and everyone is talking about it.
Netflix’s 2019 release of the all-new Queer Eye gave us life “henny!” With a twist on the original, the fab five-team is made up of Jonathan Van Ness, Antoni Porowski, Karamo Brown, Tan France, and Bobby Berk and the show sees them helping all that ask (and not just straight men). The show has launched the men into superstars, with each pushing out their own individuality into the world, and let’s be honest, it was needed. After four seasons, fans are eagerly awaiting the next.

It is hard not to reach for a box of tissues while watching the show as we are given a look into ordinary people’s lives, the struggles that they go through and see how much time and love each of the fab five invest in them. From fashion, grooming, emotional support, cooking, and home refurbishments, everyone ends the show being the best version of themselves.
So, what has Queer Eye taught us so far? Here are some of our favorite quotes.
“… Be someone who serves, but also someone that accepts service.”
“that’s the thing about when people build up walls. They end up keeping other people out, but they’re also keeping themselves in.”
“you’re supposed to explore. You’re supposed to try different things. You’re supposed to get excited.”

“sometimes just one small project can help right the ship.”
“show it off. That’s the body you’ve got!”
“there’s nothing wrong with saying what you need.”
“Sometimes when you’re feeling buried, you’re just planted.”