Actors Who Look Exactly Like The Historical Figures They Played In Movies

When it comes to making a biopic of an icon, there are many things at stake. Sure, the actor or actress has to be superb, but casting experts and makeup artists also play an essential role in transforming these actors into the iconic figures they are about to portray. Whether it’s Nelson Mandela, Anne Frank, or Steve Jobs, viewers sure love to watch the tiniest details about our icons through biopics. Check out some of the actors that resemble the most with the people they were cast to play.

Michelle Williams – Marilyn Monroe

As intimidating as it looks to take on the role of Marilyn Monroe, Michelle Williams actually did an incredible job of making it look pretty easy. An iconic beauty actress, model, and overall influence in pop culture, Monroe’s life was portrayed in the historical drama My Week With Marilyn of 2011.

Williams was sure to be very meticulous about Monroe’s persona, gestures, and voice, which was paired with her classic blond hair and make up that made her look exactly like Monroe.