These celebrities choose to live in modest surroundings

Nate Ruess and Charlotte Ronson

The world of celebrities and the rich and famous have always been a source of curiosity and interest for the public; we like to know where they live, where they entertain, who their friends are, and where they shop. Many celebrities and their wealthy counterparts do indeed use their wildly high income to purchase only the best for themselves. However, there are some rich and famous men and women out there who earn a large sum and are worth even more but decide to lead more modest lifestyles. Instead of multi-million dollar palatial surroundings, these celebs decided to live in more humble digs that are far more fitting for the size of their families (if they have one). Now, do not get us wrong, the homes may be more modest but they are far from the average living arrangements. These homes are large, beautiful and surely in the best of areas, they just are not the giant mansions we are used to seeing celebrities live in. Getting to know celebrities and their more modest way of life is a refreshing topic to cover.

Keanu Reeves

Most popularly known for his star role in The Matrix, Keanu is known for donating a lot of his money to various charities. Being one of the most relaxed celebrities there is, he often stares clear of the spotlight and likes to keep to himself. More recently, he joined the cast of Toy Story and will play the newest toy to join our favorites characters.
Keanu Reeves

His home is certainly modest and was designed by him. The home is contemporary with glass panels all around to light up the small space. He was noted saying that he is happiest when he has calm surroundings.