Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler's Loving Friendship

Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler’s Loving Friendship

When Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler work together the chemistry is electric, and we know that we are going to enjoy watching them work together. While they have the most remarkable onscreen friendship, Adam and Jen are not just costars who have starred alongside one another in some great movies. Behind the scenes, the two have actually been friends since they were teenagers and that friendship has blossomed throughout the years with Adam supporting Jen through some of her most heartbreaking times.
The two have never been very far apart. While Adam grew up in a Jewish home in Brooklyn and dreamt of one day joining the army, Jennifer grew up in a Greek household in Manhattan. Jennifer’s mom Nancy, a former model, raised young Jennifer and was very critical of her appearance. She would tell Jennifer that her eyes were too far apart or that her nose was too big, and these comments ended up hurting her to this day. Meanwhile, in Brooklyn, Adam spent his time honing his comedic skills and when he told his mother he wanted to go to Hollywood, she told him that he would need a nose job. But Adam didn’t take this comment personally and instead used it in one of his jokes.
Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler’s Loving Friendship

Adam and Jen met at 14 years old when Jennifer was dating a friend of his. The two immediately hit it off and became close friends. When Adam got his big break on SNL, he wanted Jen to come with him, but she soon got a lead role in the now-iconic series ‘Friends’. Things were now looking up for both Adam and Jennifer.
The two friends found that even though their lives had become extremely busy with work, they could still find time to call or hang out with one another. Soon Adam met his future wife and got married and Jen couldn’t have been happier for her friend. It was around this time that Jen met Brad Pitt and the two quickly got married.
While at first things seemed great for Jen, they soon started to fall apart. Her enormous fame became too much to bear as fans and paparazzi followed her constantly and she was hounded by gossip about the state of her marriage and whether she would soon have children. Jen just couldn’t escape it all and Adam always made sure he was there for her, adding some humor to her life.
Eventually, Adam and his wife had children, and Jennifer was there to spoil them rotten. Adams young girls loved going to Jennifer’s for a visit and she was delighted to spend time with them. When tragedy struck and Jen and Brad’s marriage fell apart, Adam was determined to help his friend find happiness in life.
Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler’s Loving Friendship

Jen would host pizza parties for Adam and his family, and they would all have great times together. In a recent interview, the pair explained how these pizza parties had become an important way for all of them to spend time together. No matter how bad things got for Jen, whether it was in the media or in her personal life, Adam would always use his humor to make her smile. It is no wonder they work together so well! These two surprising friends have been together through thick and thin and we cannot wait to see what they do next.