These Panoramic Pictures Didn't Quite Work Out

These Panoramic Pictures Didn’t Quite Work Out

Panoramic images are possible because the camera picks up each image in the sequence of photos and stitches the image together to create a more complete image. When panorama shots were first introduced on smartphones they quickly gained popularity.  But what people began to realize was how unique some panoramas were if a person or animal was caught in motion. To get a good panorama with a person or animal its important that no one move as you pan the camera, but when this doesn’t go according to plan the results are often hilarious. Keep scrolling to see some of the funniest panorama blunders out there.

A Few Good Legs

How many legs does a dog typically have you might be wondering as you gaze at this image. This doggo appears to have seven which is only three too many. His owner must have had to do a double-take when he saw this image, but once they realized how funny it was they simply had to post it on Instagram.
A Few Good Legs

He’s just out for a nice stroll along a windswept beach, there is a just little bit more of him then there should be.