Popular Festivals to Add to Your Bucket List

All over the world, people celebrate their triumphs, traditions, or histories at some of the most remarkable festivals. Over the years, certain festivals have become increasingly popular, and anyone who is anyone would make sure to add these amazing celebrations to their bucket lists.
Afrikaburn, South Africa
Looking for a place for unbridled self-expression and creativity? Well, then Afrikaburn is the place for you. Based on the American burning man festival, afikaburn is not as commercialized as the original festival. Afrikaburn takes place in the heart of the South African desert and her you get the freedon=m that is burning man with a sprinkle of African magic and wonder. Embark on a voyage of self-discovery and see some fantastic artists at Afrikaburn.
Venetian Carnival, Italy

Since the Renaissance, the Venice carnival has marked the end of lent, and the festivals elaborate masks and intrigue allow visitors to enjoy the mascaraed. Grab an extravagant outfit and mask and join the crowds as you dance the night away in the beautiful Venetian streets.
Holi Festival, India
With its vibrant bursts of color, amazing foods, and celebratory spirit, the Holi festival is a great place to have a little fun.

The festival marks the beginning of spring, and here you can breathe new life into the world around you with a splash of bright color. Celebrate freedom, friendship, love, and rebirth and enjoy the warm weather with friends and loved ones.
Mardi Gras, USA
Each year the city of New Orleans comes alive with cheer as the city hosts the annual mardi gras festival. The festival is a celebration of life and revelers, and carnival krewes walk the streets of historic New Orleans in bright-colored costumes.

As the parade passing through the French quarter, revelers wear bright beaded necklaces, enjoy the music, and dance the night away. If you love a party, then you will love mardi gras.