Funny Things Ever Captured On Public Transportation

The Strangest Things Ever Captured On Public Transportation

If you have ever ridden on public transport, you will know that these vehicles can often be as equally weird as they are convenient. With millions of passengers each day, every now and then, something or someone strange will inevitably make an appearance. Apparently, buses, trains, and subways are the perfect places to find the weirdest people in different cities around the world. As you’ll see below, some people decide to express themselves and share some of their creativity during their daily commute, with hundreds of other people watching.

White Chocolate And His Bird

Anyone can say whatever they want about this guy, but if there is one thing that he does really well, is to own his identity! He looks flawless while casually giving his pet bird a kiss, and showing off that fabulous tattoo that simply says: white chocolate.

We don’t know about you guys, but we’d totally love to be friends with him. And funny enough, the bird seems to be reciprocating his love, which makes the whole scenario even cuter.