Take A Walk Through Elvis Presley's Graceland

Take A Walk Through Elvis Presley’s Graceland

Without a doubt, everyone has heard of Elvis Presley, “The King of Rock and Roll.” When Elvis began making music in the 1950s, record producers could not believe what they were hearing. He had a natural gift, which shone through in every song he sang. What made Elvis even more of a star was his ability to quickly grab an audience’s attention and hold on to it while he danced around on stage. It is undeniable that Elvis has had lasting star power, even after his untimely death in 1977. During Elvis’s life, he spent a lot of his time at his estate named Graceland, and fans can visit it today as it has been turned into a museum. Keep scrolling to see what awaits the fans who decide to visit.

Elvis and Priscilla

Elvis was known for being a showman onstage and offstage. While he performed, he enjoyed wearing sequined jumpsuits, and at home, he enjoyed lavish rooms and gold finishings.

If there was one thing Elvis and Priscilla wanted their home to be, it was ostentatious. From the outside, Graceland appeared to be a classic Tennessee mansion. Only the decorative main gate hinted at what may be waiting inside. For those lucky enough to peek inside, what they would see would amaze them.