Amusing Times Cats Proved Just How Evil They Can Be

These cats are real jerks

It’s not a secret that cats can be pretty evil. The furry animals are cute and all, but when they want something, they can go to great lengths to get it, no matter what they break and who they scratch on the way. As a result, every cat owner probably has a horror story or two about their cat, and some of them were kind enough to share some of these stories on social media. Check out some of the most hilarious and terrifying cat tales on the internet.

The Most Perfect Cat

Now isn’t this cat just the most perfect cat alive? It seems like he literally breaks, scratches, and kicks everything while making noise in the middle of the night while also having some particular needs. When cats act like total jerks, we might not realize it, but they’re often just trying to say something to us.
The Most Perfect Cat

For example, when cats suddenly started peeing and pooping everywhere, even though they’ve already been potty trained, that might be happening because they either have a medical issue or something is upsetting them, like their litter box.