Troubling Things About The Hunger Games We Never Notice Before

The Hunger Games took the world by storm when it first came out in 2012, as an adaptation of Suzanne Collins’ novel series with the same name. While millions of copies of the book were sold worldwide in several languages, the movie series was also a huge box-office success, starring some of our favorite stars: Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, and of course, Liam Hemsworth. But no matter how much of a fan a person may be, some obscure undisclosed facts about the series may be a turn-off. Check out some of the most troubling facts behind The Hunger Games.

The Mutant Dogs AKA Wolf Mutts

Towards the end of the movie series (and the book), several mutant dogs, also known as Wolf mutts, are thrown into the game. The Mutant Wolves were created in the control room and were sent to places chosen by the game makers.

But one of the things that game makers didn’t think through was that these mutant dogs were so vicious and dangerous, that they could easily kill and destroy every single contestant on the show. That would mean that there would be no winners, kind of destroying the whole point of the game.