DIY Car Repairs That Are So Bad They Are Funny

DIY Car Repairs That Are So Bad They Are Funny

Looking after a car can be expensive, and when things break, fixing it yourself can be a great way to save some cash. While most things are easy enough to fix yourself, sometimes car owners try to fix things that they should have left to the professionals. Instead of saving themselves some quick cash, these people tried to fix their cars with hilarious results. We’ve put together a list of some of the funniest times people have fixed their own cars instead of taking them to professionals. With a little ingenuity and duct tape, these car owners managed to create a real mess of things. Keep reading to see some of the most hysterical car repair fails.


Having a car that looks good is great, but it’s also important to make sure your vehicle is safe. When this genius decided to replace his broken font seats with new ones, he obviously wasn’t thinking about safety.

Instead of putting in a new pair of front seats, this person decided to repurpose some old wooden benches they had lying around. Things might get a little hairy the next time they are out for a drive and need to brake suddenly. Let’s hope they aren’t stopped by the cops anytime soon because this may earn them an expensive ticket.

Comfortably Cool

Summertime can be unbearable for some drivers, especially if they do a lot of driving. When this driver ran out of gas for their AC in their car, they decided to do something desperate.

Instead of fixing their existing AC, they decided it would be a better idea to install an old AC unit from their house. They even hooked up a generator to keep the cool air pumping. We don’t know about you, but that baby doesn’t look too road worthy!

In The Driver’s Seat

You better watch out for potholes if you are behind the wheel in this car. One big bump in the road and you may lose your seat in this car.

This safety-conscious driver decided to replace his driver’s seat with something more portable. Hey, if you don’t want your car stolen, you can always take the seat with you when you park.

Original Parts

Normally, when you hit the brake peddle, a tiny switch is pressed, which turns on the brake lights. So normally, the brake lights should come on when the peddle is pressed. Not in the car, however.

Instead of leaving it to the professionals, this driver decided to wire up his car with an old light switch. Now, whenever they want the break lights on or off, they need to flick the switch. It sounds super inconvenient. Hopefully, they don’t forget to flick the switch next time they are in traffic and break suddenly.

Power Steering

Imagine being the traffic officer who pulls this driver over! When this car steering wheel as damaged, the owner decided to replace it with a captain’s wheel, which they found at the junkyard. While the new steering wheel was able to do the job adequately, if you’re not careful, you may get one or two splinters.

Not only does this new steering wheel look hilarious on its own, but it also seems the car owner wanted to add some other pieces to complete the look. The gear shift was replaced with an empty rum bottle, and if you look closely, you can see that the steering lock is a pair of handcuffs. This car is now ready to sail the 7 seas.

Safety First

Nothing says safety like an elastic seat belt. When the seat belt buckle broke, this car owner decided to replace it with a quick fix. After searching around the garage, they found something they thought would be perfect.

We suppose not wearing a seat belt may be safer than this quick fix. If there is an accident, this seat belt will spring loose and won’t do much to protect the driver. We guess the driver never considered that before they fancied themselves a mechanic.

Like New

They say a roll of duct tape can fix anything, and when this old tire lost some of its treads, this car owner decided to put that to the test. Instead of replacing the tire like they should have done, the driver simply thought the situation called for some duct tape.

Now, if you find yourself on a lonely road in the same position, using duct tape to get you far enough to the next garage might be a great idea. But this person thought this would be a more permanent solution to their problem. Let’s hope that tape holds!

Quick Fix

We have all been in a situation where we use a bandaid to cover up something we don’t want people to see. From pimples to tattoos, a well-placed bandaid can be a great way of concealment. So when this driver got sideswiped on the right side of his car, he used the same logic.

Instead of taking the car to the body shop, he simply covered up the dent with an oversized bandaid made of cardboard. You can barely notice it now, right?

Speed Racer

Who needs to spend big bucks on making your ride look super fly. All you need is some ingenuity and craft supplies, and you can make your car look awesome. While some people can actually pull it off, this driver couldn’t.

He decided to pimp his ride with some cardboard boxes and packing tape with hilarious results. We are sure his car is really helping his street cred!

Multipurpose Vehicle

Need a car that can drive off-road and also on the road? Love your truck but miss your backseat? Well then have we got the car for you.

For some ungodly reason, this person decided to create this Frankenstein’s monster car by using parts from a four-door car and an old ford truck. With somebody putty and welding, this creation was brought t life to haunt drivers everywhere.

Body Work

The person who took this pic sotted this car at their local gas station. By the looks fit, the driver tried to cut corners and safe cash by doing some redkneck auto repairs.

When their car was damaged in an accident, instead of thing the car to be professionally fixed, the owner used some old tin roofing to fix it all up. Second, after this picture was taken, the driver and passenger returned to the car, and hilariously the passenger had to get in from the driver’s side because of the missing passenger-side door.

Switched On

Hey, a switch is a switch. At least that’s what the owner of this car thought when they “repaired” the brown dial on their dashboard. Instead of popping down to the local junkyard to pick up a cheap replacement, this driver had other plans.

After a quick visit to the hardware store they came back with this plumbing fixture. While it works well enough, it sure does look bad.

Handy Access

Hey, how dangerous can it really be to have a hot beverage dangling from your dashboard? What could possibly go wrong with this scenario?

Well, it seems the driver of this car had to learn that the hard way when the adhesive on this packing tape finally gave way. The result was 20 ounces of hot coffee in their lap. Ouch!

Hammering This Out

Replacing an old gear lever is easy enough. Depending on the make and model, you can usually get a new one for cheap. However, this driver was determined to save money.

Against their better judgment, they installed a hammer as a gear shift. While we cannot possibly know what they were thinking at the time, they are well prepared if they ever get stuck on the side of the road and need a hammer.

King of the Road

It’s important to keep your heavy-duty vehicles in great shape and fit for the road. This truck driver must have missed that lesson in driving school. When the plastic on their steering wheel began to crack from the heavy use, they decided it wasn’t a problem.

So one day, after it broke badly after a turning maneuver, they decided to fix it with some electrical tape and spanners. For a big rig like this, that is just asking for trouble!

Wheels of Glory

Well, it a miracle the driver of this car hasn’t been arrested or put in the hospital with this repair disaster. But then it is only a matter of time.

When they needed a new wheel, instead of doing the responsible thing, they decided to replace the wheel with one they stole off a shopping trolly. After all, having a tiny trolley wheel on a 1-tonne vehicle seems like a good idea. We don’t know what you think, but this is all going to end in tears!

Bright Lights

Headlights not working? Well, why not replace it with three torches from the dollar store. After all, what could go wrong? Well, that is what this driver must have been thinking when they tried this fix.

While they were not caught out on the road with their makeshift headlight, an off duty trooper noticed the strange repair while walking through the parking lot. The driver received a heavy fine and a serious warning. Serves them right, don’t you think?

Luxury Vehicle

While we usually see these funny car repairs on older vehicles that are well passed their golden years, you never expect to see them on a BMW.

We guess that’s why this funny repair is so surprising. When the rear wiper broke on this BMW, the owner decided to replace it with an old broom. This X5 now looks like something out of Hogwarts.

Rear View

Broken side mirrors are a common thing these days, and often replacing a broken side mirror can be incredibly expensive. So instead, why not try to save some money and fix it yourself.

This driver tried to fix his mirror by attaching another mirror in its place. Except, he was incredibly lazy about it, and instead of being and cutting a mirror to size, he just attached a beauty mirror on with some tape. With that much effort, no wonder it looks so bad.


This Chevy has definitely seen better days. After the wheel was damaged, this car owner simply replaced the wheel with a trolly he had lying around his garage.

The driver wasn’t too concerned about it and was incredibly insulted when a friendly police officer pulled him over and impounded the car. Thank goodness they didn’t have any passenger; otherwise, the added weight would have caused an accident.

Seems Legit

Sometimes driving an old junker means driving on a hope and a prayer.  These older cars rolled off the production line way before modern safety requirements were introduced

So when this teen decided to take over his grandfather’s old truck, he decided to modify it. While this truck is only to be driven on the family farm, its still pretty funny.