DIY Car Repairs That Are So Bad They Are Funny

DIY Car Repairs That Are So Bad They Are Funny

Looking after a car can be expensive, and when things break, fixing it yourself can be a great way to save some cash. While most things are easy enough to fix yourself, sometimes car owners try to fix things that they should have left to the professionals. Instead of saving themselves some quick cash, these people tried to fix their cars with hilarious results. We’ve put together a list of some of the funniest times people have fixed their own cars instead of taking them to professionals. With a little ingenuity and duct tape, these car owners managed to create a real mess of things. Keep reading to see some of the most hysterical car repair fails.


Having a car that looks good is great, but it’s also important to make sure your vehicle is safe. When this genius decided to replace his broken font seats with new ones, he obviously wasn’t thinking about safety.

Instead of putting in a new pair of front seats, this person decided to repurpose some old wooden benches they had lying around. Things might get a little hairy the next time they are out for a drive and need to brake suddenly. Let’s hope they aren’t stopped by the cops anytime soon because this may earn them an expensive ticket.

Comfortably Cool

Summertime can be unbearable for some drivers, especially if they do a lot of driving. When this driver ran out of gas for their AC in their car, they decided to do something desperate.

Instead of fixing their existing AC, they decided it would be a better idea to install an old AC unit from their house. They even hooked up a generator to keep the cool air pumping. We don’t know about you, but that baby doesn’t look too road worthy!

In The Driver’s Seat

You better watch out for potholes if you are behind the wheel in this car. One big bump in the road and you may lose your seat in this car.

This safety-conscious driver decided to replace his driver’s seat with something more portable. Hey, if you don’t want your car stolen, you can always take the seat with you when you park.