Funny Cheating Hacks You Won’t Believe Worked

Hilarious Cheating Hacks You Won’t Believe Worked

While cheating is technically wrong, sometimes life can be hard, and finding an easy way out is best. Whether its a big exam or a routine test, sometimes cheating can make sense. After all, there shouldn’t be any reason why we need to memorize formulas to get through everyday life. So its no wonder that these smart people decided to skip the hassle and find creative and genius ways to cheat. From hidden notes to funny subliminal messages, here are some of the most amusing cheating hacks out there.

Old Faithful

When this person needed quick access to some formulas for a maths final, they decided to turn to an old favorite. Instead of mindless trying to memorize the formulas he would need in his test, he simply pasted little notes to the lining of his jacket.

Although it was tricky to sneak a peak during the exam, this old favorite did the trick. After all, who needs to know theorems for the rest of their life.