Funny Cheating Hacks You Won’t Believe Worked

Hilarious Cheating Hacks You Won’t Believe Worked

While cheating is technically wrong, sometimes life can be hard, and finding an easy way out is best. Whether its a big exam or a routine test, sometimes cheating can make sense. After all, there shouldn’t be any reason why we need to memorize formulas to get through everyday life. So its no wonder that these smart people decided to skip the hassle and find creative and genius ways to cheat. From hidden notes to funny subliminal messages, here are some of the most amusing cheating hacks out there.

Old Faithful

When this person needed quick access to some formulas for a maths final, they decided to turn to an old favorite. Instead of mindless trying to memorize the formulas he would need in his test, he simply pasted little notes to the lining of his jacket.

Although it was tricky to sneak a peak during the exam, this old favorite did the trick. After all, who needs to know theorems for the rest of their life.

Science Shoes

The periodic table can be a real pain to memorize. Not only do you need to remember all the names of the elements, but also all the specific values.

While most teachers give their students a copy of the periodic table for tests, this person’s chemistry teacher decided to punish the class. Instead of learning the table with the rest of his class, this smart student just ordered these genius shoes online. Problem solved!

Memory Manicure

We suppose this trick won’t work unless you have perfect vision…or a magnifying glass. It also involves some miniature writing skills.

This student decided to commit her maths formulas to her nails instead of her memory. Not only did it work like a charm, it also doesn’t look half bad. Let’s hope the teachers didnt notice!

Bathroom Strategy

The teachers may check students before they come into the exam room, but they certainly don’t bother to check them after they go to the bathroom.  Knowing this, this smart student decided to leave post-it notes with all the answers in the bathroom.

That way, they could excuse themselves from the exams and go to the bathroom to retrieve the answers. If the answers are discovered, there is no way they will be able to link them to a specific student. The only risk is that someone may remove the answers before they are retrieved. Otherwise, this is a fool-proof plan!

You Gotta Watch Those Fluids

Hey, it’s important to stay hydrated and what teacher in their right mind isn’t going to let a student into a test with a refreshing beverage.

Luckily for the student, this carton has been modified to contain all the answers to the English test. This teacher might as well just give this student the A for their creativity.

The Bait and Switch

When teachers invigilate tests, one of the main things they look out for are students with their hands under their desks. This can be a dead give away to some nefarious activity.

Luckily this student has thought about a great way to get around this. Using some rolled up paper, he managed to use his jacket sleeve to create the illusion of his arm. Now his second hand is free to check his phone for answers. This hack is so ingenious, even the other students around him haven’t noticed!

Carefully Hidden

For this English exam, the teacher allowed students to bring in their novels as reference material. Unfortunately, that was the teacher’s first mistake. Before the test, a group of students hollowed out their books and created a place for their phones.

That way, they could all text one another the answers. The second mistake the teacher made was not noticing that all her students were texting under the table. That’s one way to pass a boring English exam!

Customized Jewelry

Now here is a great idea. This ring has two little books attached to it that can be used to hide anything you need to pass the exam.

The books are easily removed, and in them, you can write anything from cheat notes to the answers. The books are tiny enough not to be noticed, and its a great way to conceal your personal cheat sheet.

Rule of Thumb

Now, this may be an old school cheat trick, but it still works today. If you need access to certain formulas, you can always write them on the underside of a slide rule.

That way, when you need them, you can always just sneak a peek. And what the teacher won’t allow a student to take a ruler into the classroom. It is the perfect cover.

Things Are Getting Hairy

Here is a person who really ut her best feature to good use! On the eve before her trig final, she made cheat notes of all the formulas she would need.

She made sure to write them on thin strands of paper that could be concealed perfectly in her beautiful curls. Now, this is really creative, and the best part is the teacher didnt have a clue. Now that’s using your head!

Hidden in Plain Sight

Sitting in a hot exam room for hours can be exhausting, so it’s always important to take a nice refreshing drink in with you. No teacher will think otherwise when they see a student walk in with a bottle of water.

However, this bottle is more than meets the eye. This clever student has hidden the formulas hidden on the inside of the label. Would you try a hack like this if you had to?

The Real Smart Watch

You might think the latest smartwatch is the next best thing, but they have nothing on this watch with all the answers.

Carefully hidden inside this old digital watch are all the formulas for the final maths exam. The student can easily scroll through the notes to see the formula they need, and the teacher won’t even notice. A watch like this will never let you down!

A Heel Up

Whoever designed these shoes is a genius. On the sole, there are a bunch of mathematical formulas that are etched into the rubber. Now, anyone who has trouble in school can buy a pair of these shoes to help them out.

The great part is the shoes are also pretty comfy. While tacking a peek at the sole of your sure in the middle of the test may be tricky, it’s not impossible, and this is a great way to get one passed the teachers.

On The Flip Side

Is there ever any good reason to memorize all the theorems and formulas for a trig final? The important part is that the students know when to use which formula, and memorizing them just seems silly.

So luckily for this student, she was able to hide her formulas in plain sight so she could just get on with the test. If you think about it, is this even really cheating?

A Point of View

While this may look like an ordinary junk piece of paper, by using either lense of these 3D glasses, this student will be able to isolate the correct notes.

Its a really crafty way to get the answers for the exam, although it does carry some risk. The teacher may not let students in with paper with writing written all over it. Also, it may be a little difficult to whip out #d glasses in the middle of the test.

A Perfect Counterfeit

This idea deserves an A+ for effort.No teacher is ever going to bother to check the labels of every bottle of water brought into an exam.

Besides, this fake cheat label is so perfectly done; it looks exactly like the real thing. All this student needs to do now is read the label during the exam. Have you ever tried anything like this?

Some Much Needed First Aid

It seems one of the biggest troubles students have is remembering those complex formulas. In this day and age, its surprising teachers don’t just focus on how the formulas are used instead of whether they are remembered.

After all, it’s not like these formulas are going to be vital in adulthood. Luckily this student used a band-aid to hide their formula cheat sheet.

Disposable notes

This is some next-level innovation! When their teacher announced that students would be allowed to bring their own toilet roll into the exam room, this student had a fantastic idea. She went home and unrolled a toilet roll and wrote down all her notes on it. She then rolled it up and took it with her to class.

When her friends asked for some toilet paper, she was then able to share the notes with everyone without the teacher getting suspicious. If at any point, the teacher caught on, they could just sneeze into the toilet paper and deter her teacher from inspecting it. Now that is a great idea!