Embarrassing Celebrity Prom Pictures

The Hilariously Awkward Celebrity Prom Pictures You Need To See

Have you taken a trip down memory lane by looking through your prom pictures? Ever sat there looking back and wondered what you were thinking back then? Well, it turns out it’s not just us who have these moments, even some of the most popular celebrities have awkward prom pictures. Before these famous stars dazzled and graced the red carpet, they were just as normal as the rest of us. Keep reading to see some of the most candid and at times awkward celebrity prom pictures

Courtney Cox

The Friends star certainly did not consult with her friends before choosing this outfit for her prom. It seems while Courtney grew up to be one hot mama, during high school, she was a little shy.

Long before her big break in Hollywood, Courtney went to high school in Alabama. It seems back in the day Cout was more reluctant to show off some skin.