These Behind-The-Scene Pictures Completely Change How We Look At These Movies

These Behind-The-Scene Pictures Completely Change How We Look At These Movies

Nowadays, the movie industry has evolved so much that we rarely question what we see in movies. Whether it’s a flying wizard, a man falling off a cliff and surviving or a talking ape, we rarely question what happens behind-the-scenes as well as the enormous production that these movies go through. So, there is something interesting about seeing how people make the impossible happen. Take a look at the most confusing behind-the-scenes photos that are prone to completely change the way you look at these movies.

Let The Queen Listen To Some iTunes

The movie Marie Antoinette focused on the life of the Queen of France during the 1970s. The role was played by Kirsten Dunst, who did a pretty amazing job with her character. It is said that Marie Antoinette allegedly claimed “let them eat cake”, when she heard about her people starving with no food or bread.

This has never been confirmed though. Yet, there is something hilarious about seeing “The Queen” listening to some music on the computer in this behind-the-scenes photo.

A Not So Vengeful Bride

Quentin Tarantino’s famous Kill Bill was released in 2003, and was taken very well by the public. The film focuses on a pregnant and vengeful bride who has been betrayed. She then goes on a long quest to get revenge while attacking everyone who played a part in her life being destroyed.

Her list of people to get revenge on is full of fellow assassins like she was, including O-Ren Ishii, who was the leader of the deadly group Crazy 88, whose character was played by Lucy Liu. Clearly, the two “enemies” were super friendly to each other behind-the-scenes as this photo shows us.

Breaking The Spell

And because just one behind-the-scenes photo of Harry Potter is not enough, we had to bring this one too! The walls of Hogwarts were full of different spells and little quirks that added that magical feeling whenever we watched Harry Potter.

One of these quirks happened in the library, where Hermione rarely had to worry about placing each book in their right place since the magical shelves did so by themselves. In this picture, we realize that they weren’t so magical after all.

Meal Time

Pan’s Labyrinth was released in 2006, and quickly became one of the most iconic films ever. The horror fantasy movie takes place in the summer of 1944 in Spain, five years after the end of the Spanish Civil War. The whole thing that makes the movie so iconic is that the plot mixes the real world with a mythical situation caused by a mysterious faun creature.

But no matter how much everything looks incredible on screen, a lot happens behind-the-scenes. One of these things is that actors need to eat and cannot skip mealtime as they need to be on their A-game throughout the making of the movie. This picture portrays that moment, but the whole scenario is just hilarious.

A Helping Hand

The Terminator is just one amongst Arnold Schwarznegger’s many great films. But in The Terminator, even though we know that the main character is played by the good old Arnie, looking at this picture makes us a tiny bit sad for some reason.

The idea of Schwarzenegger being a cyborg with metallic body parts cannot be taken away, but this picture ruins it all. It seems like the metallic limbs were never a part of a costume that was then modified with some great CGI. According to this, a member of the crew was actually the one holding the metallic hand while sitting on the floor and adding it to the camera frame.

Just A Cardboard Cutout

Producers from all over the world go to great lengths to create something that looks real for their viewers. While we sit back, relax and binge watch our favorite films and series, a whole production set is put into what we believe is real but is nothing but an illusion created by some pretty great professionals.

As we can see here, in Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark, instead of the crew investing in some crazy expensive and heavy jewels in a trunk, they simply opted to make use of a cardboard cut that worked perfectly. No matter what we say, none of us realized it when we watched the movie!

The Real Top Of A Building

Sure, we all knew that Spider-Man didn’t actually climb on buildings and jump from rooftop to rooftop, but still, we didn’t want to see this!

It’s still exciting to believe in Spiderman’s incredible abilities, especially the one where he can simply decide to hang out on the top of a tower without fearing for one second that he’ll fall. Unfortunately, though, that is not actually possible in real life, the production crew had to work with bungee cords and tons of other props.

Snape And Harry Have A Laugh

For those of us who have watched all Harry Potter movies (repeatedly), we know that professor Snape basically hated Harry, and Snape wasn’t Harry’s favorite teacher either.

While he does turn out to be a much better guy than what was portrayed in the first couple of movies, Snape did do whatever he could to intimidate and truly sabotage Harry and his best friends. But in this picture, we realize that everyone was probably in constant laughs together while they filmed one of the most iconic movies of all time.

Interesting Ears

When Avatar came out, it seriously took the world by storm with its unbelievable storyline and seriously trippy joy ride. But even though the movie is so good, most of us knew the amount of CGI that was thrown in there in order to make those special effects believable.

Yet, something about seeing what went on behind-the-scenes takes the fantasy away, especially as we look at this picture of the leads without their blue skin and enormous ears. Because of the elaborate special effects, the entire movie was filmed in an empty warehouse with a green screen and weird-looking props.

An Interesting Contrast

It mustn’t be so easy to film a movie that literally takes place decades and centuries ago. We can’t imagine the size of the budget for the movie 300 in order to pull off some of the stunts they did, plus the thousands of extras that were part of the movie.

This behind-the-scenes photo shows the interesting contrast of Gerard Butler dressed in something that would never be acceptable nowadays, as he stands next to the production crew who are wearing t-shirts and jeans.

Needing A Drink

If this is not one of the most hilarious behind-the-scenes photos we’ve ever seen, then we don’t know what is! It’s so funny to see that even C3-PO got thirsty as they shot Star Wars.

It must have definitely been very interesting to have to drink water through that costume, but it seems like taking it out and putting it on just for that purpose would be too much of a mission. It is truly incredible to see the teamwork that it took for C3-PO to drink through his helmet while the crew carefully helped him out.

Lord Voldemort, Is That You?

Lord Voldemort or “You-Know-Who” wasn’t ever best friends with the iconic Professor Dumbeldore. They were complete opposites within the Harry Potter universe, with one of them representing the entire idea of evil, and the other one representing good and wisdom.

Throughout the movie and book series, Professor Dumbeldore is on Harry’s side, as he does everything in his power to help him defeat Lord Voldemort once and for all. But here, we are reminded that behind the fantasy the characters are humans who were actually pretty good friends.

Not The Actual Rulers

In Planet of the Apes, released in 2001, an astronaut named Leo Davidson finds himself stuck in a parallel world where a group of apes and gorillas are actually the rulers while humans have to do whatever they say.

The film was very successful, as that specific premise is not only scary but it could almost be real. Clearly though, as we look at this image we realize that the apes actually waited very patiently for the perfect scene.

An Unexpected Prop

There are so many disturbing things about this behind-the-scenes picture that we don’t even know where to start. When we watch the Gladiator, the battle scenes are absolutely heart-breaking and never a laughing matter.

But after looking at this particular shot, understanding how unreal everything really was, does make a person giggle a little bit. The scene took so many props and an entire crew creating the illusion that what we see in the film is actually real.

Not So Evil After All

The moment Indiana Jones had the famous scene where he had to confront Mola Ram, the high priest of the ‘The Temple of Doom’, many of us were super scared for him.

Amrish Puri, who plays the priest is pictured here next to Steven Spielberg, looking much less evil than he is portrayed to be. Seriously, with that smile, how are we actually supposed to believe in the idea that Mola Ram is an evil priest?

No One Disrupts Tea Time

While the stereotype that tea time is extremely important for British people, we do have to admit that stereotypes are often based on some sort of truth. And this picture of actor Boris Karloff, who played Frankenstein’s monster back in 1931, kind of reinforces that stereotype.

The British actor is pictured here taking a break in between the filming of one of the scenes, as he peacefully sips on some very necessary tea. The picture surely gives us an entirely different perspective on Frankenstein’s character.