These Behind-The-Scene Pictures Completely Change How We Look At These Movies

These Behind-The-Scene Pictures Completely Change How We Look At These Movies

Nowadays, the movie industry has evolved so much that we rarely question what we see in movies. Whether it’s a flying wizard, a man falling off a cliff and surviving or a talking ape, we rarely question what happens behind-the-scenes as well as the enormous production that these movies go through. So, there is something interesting about seeing how people make the impossible happen. Take a look at the most confusing behind-the-scenes photos that are prone to completely change the way you look at these movies.

Let The Queen Listen To Some iTunes

The movie Marie Antoinette focused on the life of the Queen of France during the 1970s. The role was played by Kirsten Dunst, who did a pretty amazing job with her character. It is said that Marie Antoinette allegedly claimed “let them eat cake”, when she heard about her people starving with no food or bread.

This has never been confirmed though. Yet, there is something hilarious about seeing “The Queen” listening to some music on the computer in this behind-the-scenes photo.

A Not So Vengeful Bride

Quentin Tarantino’s famous Kill Bill was released in 2003, and was taken very well by the public. The film focuses on a pregnant and vengeful bride who has been betrayed. She then goes on a long quest to get revenge while attacking everyone who played a part in her life being destroyed.

Her list of people to get revenge on is full of fellow assassins like she was, including O-Ren Ishii, who was the leader of the deadly group Crazy 88, whose character was played by Lucy Liu. Clearly, the two “enemies” were super friendly to each other behind-the-scenes as this photo shows us.