The Highest-Rated TV Shows Of Television

The Highest Rated TV Shows Of Television

Over the years, we have been blessed with some great television programming. With the rise of streaming sites, there seems to be even more great programming to choose from. Every year fans and rating systems show us which shows are the most-watched, and these hit shows are so popular they are remembered and adored for years to come. Here is a historical snapshot of some of the most popular hit TV shows fans refuse to forget over the years. Whether you are looking for something to binge-watch or looking back at the TV greats, these are some of the highest-rated TV shows in history.


While this show is still pretty popular today, when it was released in 1989, Seinfeld was easily the most-watched and highest-rated show in the US. When Jerry Seinfeld was allowed to excel in his comedy career by creating his own show, he jumped at the opportunity and went all in.

With his friend Larry David, Seinfeld produced an American sitcom that ran for nine seasons and quickly caught the attention of the American public, establishing itself easily in the market.