3 Wellness Trends That We Will See In 2023

We are emerging from the greatest health crisis in human history. ‘Wellness’ is ingrained in our brains, and fitness fanatics are waking up to the fact that their bodies also need rest. In 2022, expect to see a return to the ‘healthy’ side of ‘healthy and fit.
We’re not that fond of burpees and mountain climbers, nor jumping squats. Low intensity is the new wellness trend. It puts walking, yoga, and stretching ahead of HIIT, which can be sweaty and adrenaline-filled. We are changing our mindset this year. Instead of being taught how to be healthier, we want to own our bodies and know what the benefits are. It’s time to put aside the fads and embrace science. These are the top wellness trends in 2023…

FemTech is the next big thing in healthcare

Apps like FitrWoman and Natural Cycles have made it easier for women to be more in touch with their periods than ever. Many trainers are teaching women the importance of knowing when you should push for PBs, and when you need to relax. FemTech will be available to all women this year. This allows them to not only track their periods using a few taps on the smartphone but also to embrace smart-tech like wearable breast pumps or pelvic floor trainers from the likes of Elvie.

Collagen in our coffee

Collagen has been a key ingredient in the beauty industry for some time. But now, it is breaking into the food supplement market and helping to bridge the wellness-beauty divide. It’s not surprising that collagen has such a profound effect on our appearance and feel. Collagen is essential for healthy skin and nails. It provides moisture, structure, and elasticity to the body. Collagen is an important protein that supports bones, muscles, and joints. Are you interested in trying it? You might like to try it.

The ultimate self-care is sleep care

Hand under blanket reaching out for alarm clock, shallow depth of field focus on foreground

While sleep has been a well-known fact for our health and well-being, many people are still waking up at night, often turning their heads (insomnia was a top Google search last year), and more people are now tracking how much sleep they’re getting to determine the quality of their REM, deep, and light sleep. We have become more focused on investing in sleep and have a less social life. Garmin and Fitbit sales are expected to increase in 2023. Bedtime routines will become more luxurious, with everything from lavender pillow scents to night-time teas, to silk PJs, to meditation apps with sleep stories, as well as Fitbit and Garmin sales.