5 Essentials For That Perfect Summer Vacation Away

With winter almost at an end, its time to start planning your dream summer holiday. Whether you are planning a short road trip or a tropical island vacation, the summertime will be full of lazy days in the sun and adventure. No perfect summer vacation would be complete with these 5 items
A summer read
Whether you are into books or magazines, it’s a good idea to take something along to keep you occupied. For many of us, reading a book is a great way to relax, but if you are not a big reader, why not bring along a puzzle book to keep you busy on your journey. If you are traveling with kids, make sure to pack some coloring books and crayons to keep your little ones entertained.
Ok, so we cannot stress how important it is to wear sunscreen in the summertime.

Even if you are not planning on going to the beach, it is always a good idea to wear sunscreen on your hands, face, and other exposed skin. You may not realize it, but even the smallest amount of sun can cause premature aging and damage.
Mosquito repellents and bug bite cream
If you are traveling to warmer climates, be sure to pack some mosquito repellant and bug spray. These little beast have been known to ruin a vacation, so make sure to come prepared. Also, be sure to ack ointments for bug bites just in case.
Reliable shades
Being out in the sun can be hard on your eyes too! Be sure to pack a good pair of shades to keep the sun out of your eyes. If you are heading to the beach, shades can be essential, so be sure to have them with you.
Now, this may sound odd, but one of the best cures for sunburn is vinegar.

Simply apply some diluted vinegar to your skin, or put some in your bath water to help with the stinging and redness of a sunburn. This is also great for turning a burn into a tan and making sure you don’t peel.