5 Reasons You Should Ditch Sugar

We’re sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but sweet and delicious sugar is the demon ingredient that is lurking in your pantry. Sugar has made its way into our kitchens in a rampant and seemingly innocuous fashion. Everything, from your condiments to your canned goods, are laced with sugar. Here are five life-changing reasons you should ditch your sugar habit.
It Kills Your Immunity
Your overall health and ability to ward off viral infections and disease, largely depends on the state of your immune system. Ingesting just 2 tablespoons of sugar, this is the equivalent of ingesting about two cans of sugary soda pop, will decrease your white blood cell count by 40% for the subsequent five hours. These white blood cells are responsible for fighting off harmful bacteria.

It’s Bad for Your Liver
A recent study suggested that excessive sugar consumption is as bad for the liver as excessive alcohol consumption. The body has processes sugar through the liver. Eating excessive amounts of refined sugar eats up time and energy that the liver could be using for detoxification that could boost your overall health.
It’s Highly Addictive!
There is scientific evidence that suggests that sugar is as addictive as cocaine. Sugar addiction and reliance can cause awful habits of craving and binging in response to severe withdrawals. Your brain chemistry may view sugar as a reward which could lead to destructive dietary choices that fuel eating disorders.

It Feeds Disease
Sugar is a great friend to harmful microbes like bacteria and yeast. These bacteria, as well as a variety of cancer cells, like to chomp on sugar. If we remove the food source for these dangerous illnesses, the likelihood of getting them substantially decreases. Regular refined sugar consumption has been repeatedly linked to increased risk of catching a variety of acute and chronic diseases.
It Causes Unsightly Physical Changes
Sugar is one of the most common causes for weight gain. Sugar consumption raises your insulin levels which in turn deposit energy from your food into fat cells. Sugar can also cause acne and breakouts, and can even contribute to other types of skin problems like eczema, by causing fungal overgrowth.