5 Reasons to Watch Netflix's 'To All the Boys I Loved Before'

Netflix has just released its romantic comedic offering to the world’s teen population. To All the Boys I Loved Before tells the sweet and tumultuous coming-of-age story of scrunchie-wearing Lara Jean navigating the difficult waters of angsty high school love. It might not boast a particularly ground-breaking plot, but the movie will leave you delighted and in awe of a a cast of gorgeous up-and-comers. Here are five reasons to watch.
Representation! In a Hollywood era that seems set on self reflection, the entertainment industry is now striving for more adequate and inclusive representation. Based on the novel by the same title, the leading lady, Lara Jean Covey, was written to be portrayed by an American Asian. The move is refreshing, apt and has introduced us to the lovely fresh-faced actress, Lana Condor.

Fashion! The wardrobe choices in this film are truly spectacular. Our leading lady’s styling is something out of Cher Horowitz’s high school dreams. From her platform sneakers to peter-pan collars to knee-high socks, Lara Jean has got her fashion game down.

Noah! If you were looking for your next young actor crush, may we introduce you to Noah Centineo. The brooding brown-eyed star is the 21st Century answer to 90s Leonardo DiCaprio. He plays Peter Kavinsky, the gorgeous reformed bad boy who falls head over heels for Lara Jean.

Camera Goals! For a seemingly innocuous teen comedy, the film has some pretty wonderful cinematography. Director Susan Johnson and director of photography Michael Fimognari, did a formidable job crafting vivid and surprisingly memorable scenes that are evocative, fun and marvellously colorful.

Aidan! John Corbett will almost always be known to most TV-holics as Sex and the City’s romantic runner-up, Aidan. Corbett gives a delightful performance as Lara Jean’s fun-loving, generous and stereotypically Dad-ish father. If you haven’t hit the play button yet, we suggest you heat up a bag of popcorn and get watching.