5 Surprising Flavor-Enriching Things to Add to Your Coffee

Monday mornings are best begun with a steaming cup of rich, strong coffee. For all the coffee connoisseurs out there, we’ve found a little lost of the most unique and surprisingly scrumptious things to add to your morning brew.
It may sound strange but adding butter to coffee is actually a common practice. Most often referred to as Bulletproof Coffee, the Paleo diet crowd swear by this unlikely addition. Supposedly, a buttery cup of joe is a mental and physical energy-booster, it also helps to boost your body’s calorie-burning capacity and kickstart your metabolism.

Caffeine-lovers who love a sweet cup of coffee might be scandalized by this outlandish suggestion, but a pinch of salt is said to enhance your usual Americano. The salt ions cut the bitterness of the coffee beans and mellow the overall flavor.
Adding a raw egg to coffee grounds is actually a well-known practice in Scandinavian countries. The egg is said to clarify the coffee, producing a clear and refined, extra-smooth brew with no sediment.

Coconut Milk
This milk alternative will add a delightful exotic flavor to your morning cup. The rich and nutty flavor adds just a little something different to the usual coffee flavor.
Chocoholics will rejoice at the thought of this indulgent suggestion. Adding a piece of chocolate to your cup will give your coffee a mocha flavor. If you’re looking for an added health-boost, use high-quality dark chocolate. It’s rich in antioxidants, and is known to enhance cognitive function and lower one’s risk of diabetes.