5 Surprising Trends that Have Made a Comeback in 2021

The world of fashion is ever-changing. Each season flaunts a new array of trends that will most probably find their way into your wardrobe, and this year is no different. Instead of looking to the future of fashion, designers are looking to the past for some interesting, and sometimes questionable, inspiration. We’ve curated a list of the top 5 trends which have made a surprising return to the fashion front.


Oh, fannypacks. These undersized bags had once been relegated to the closets of nostalgic Dad’s and Grannies, but the fannypack has returned with a vengeance. From Gucci and Chanel to Louis Vitton, fashion lines have all recently featured the controversial nineties accessory. If you’re into making bold fashion statements, this trend might just be up your alley.

Cycling Shorts

We’re not entirely sure if any of them actually own a bicycle, but cycling shorts are apparently a big hit with fashionable celebrities. Kendal Jenner and Kim Kardashian are just some of the stars who have bravely donned a pair of skin-tight cycling shorts. Cool or confused? You decide.


Once reserved for hikers and skiers, this Spring the windbreaker has made a curious appearance on some of the world’s most on-trend designer catwalks. The outlandish item has been rebranded as must-have sports-luxe apparel. We’re a fan of athleisure (who isn’t guilty of a coffee run in yoga pants?) but we’re not sure this trend will stick.

Doc Martens

Your thirteen-year-old self will most likely rejoice at the return of this grunge item: Doc Martens. The iconic 90’s shoe is being revived by designers, celebrities and fashion it girls. We suggest you pair the chunky shoe with a feminine floral dress to soften the look.

The Scrunchie

Every girl had one. The playful, and slightly ridiculous, scrunchie was a mandatory accessory in every 80’s and 90’s girl’s fashion arsenal. To our delight (and slight dismay) the scrunchie has returned. Youth-driven brands like Urban Outfitters and American Apparel are some of the notable fans of the scrunchie revival. We’re not quite sure to label this one as fashionable or a faux pas.