5 Things Netflix Didn’t Show on Tiger KIng

Everyone is talking about the Tiger King Documentary on Netflix, and if you haven’t seen it yet, its high time you do! With the world going topsy-turvy and our future uncertain, the show offers viewers a welcome escape. But the hit series is so jam-packed with drama, conspiracy, and intrigue that people just cannot get enough. While the show paints quite a full picture, here are some of the things the documentary didn’t cover.
Joe Exotics Husband Had Teeth
Remember how Joe’s ex-husband John Finlay was interviewed wearing no shirt and with terrible teeth? Well, it turns out that it was all staged. The producers insisted he go shirtless so he could show off his many Joe inspired tattoos. They also made sure to ask John to remove his dental plate. Turns out, John had a dental plate with perfect teeth that he wore. He also didn’t lose his teeth because of any substances. Instead, his teeth were knocked out in a motorcycle accident, and he had special dentures made to replace the missing teeth.

Saff isn’t A Woman
Zoo staff member Saff lost an arm working on the Zoo, and throughout the documentary, she is referred to as a woman. But Saff is a man and identifies with he/ him pronouns. Even in the 911 call when Saff lost him arm, staff refers to Saff as he. But for some reason, the director chose to portray him as a woman. They also interviewed Saff next to a dumpster and a trailer, making it seem like Saff had hit hard times.

Dillon Freaked Out When He Saw The Camera’s
When Dillon had his first date with Joe Exotic, the cameras were rolling and ready to capture the action. Thing is, Dillon had no idea there would be cameras, and it took a lot for him to finally agree and the date to continue. According to Dillon, he was caught entirely off guard and really freaked out. Luckily Joe was able to convince Dillon to stay
Doc Antle Used To Work For Britney
That’s right, bad guy and alleged cult leader Doc Antle once worked for Britney Spears providing various live animals for her on-stage performances.

Back in the day, Doc was often seen on-stage handling tigers and snakes as Britney performed on stage. He also worked with other stars, including Beyonce. We don’t know about you, but that’s pretty freaky